Florida Land Sales For Cash

Florida land sales for cash are common, especially for those looking to sell unwanted property quickly and easily. Many people sell their land because they are no longer interested in owning it or they moved away and now can’t enjoy it, others may have inherited the property and simply want to get rid of it, while still others bought the property with the intention of holding on to it long term, but were disappointed by low returns on investment or by natural disasters. Whatever the case may be, selling your land for cash to a company that is experienced in buying Florida real estate is a good option for a quick and easy sale.

In the early 1920s, Florida was experiencing a land boom, with people coming from all over to purchase a piece of paradise. The state was known as “heaven on earth” due to the year-round warm weather, beautiful beaches and lack of state sales tax. However, the land boom ended suddenly, as a harsh winter and a series of natural disasters (flooding, hurricanes) drove buyers away from the state, casting doubts on its reputation as a great place to live.

During this time, many people used to buy land without even seeing it first. Young men and women would stand in the sun and show land to prospective buyers, often accepting a binder on the sale (a non-refundable deposit that required the remainder of the money to be paid within 30 days). The result was an influx of unscrupulous land salesmen who took advantage of gullible settlers, ripping them off of their hard earned money and leaving them with nothing but a lot of debt and a dream of owning a piece of Florida.

Today, the process of selling Florida land is much more regulated and requires the involvement of an attorney. The contract for sale is a legal document that both parties must sign, opening an escrow with a title company, conducting a title search and closing the sale. It takes between 20-30 days to complete the sale of a property, depending on the location and type of land being sold.

There are a number of ways to market Florida land for sale, including placing a sign on the property and online advertising. The most important factor in determining the price of your Florida land is understanding what buyers are willing to pay for it, which can be done by reviewing comparables in the area, as well as researching local amenities and zoning restrictions. You should also include in your marketing materials any improvements that are included with the sale, such as a shed, mobile home or camper. This will help the buyer see the value of the purchase and decide if it is a good fit for their needs.

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